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  • Can our wedding ceremony take place at the barn?
    Yes, but there are several areas that have been used for ceremonies as well — In our gazebo, under our large oak tree, inside the barn, and in the field have all been locations utilized for the ceremony.
  • Can we rent the barn for a winter wedding or event?
    No, the barn is only available from May through August for privately booked events.
  • Is outside transportation permitted and is there a specific time guests should be off the property by?
    While outside transportation is permitted, we do require all guests to be picked up no later than 10PM. This is ONLY for bus services and limo services. Guests with their own means of transportation are permitted to stay until 11PM.
  • Is the barn air-conditioned?
    No, it is not, however due to the design, the barn offers natural cross-venting. There are ceiling fans over the dance floor to help keep a constant air flow. We also have a large "port-a-cooler," which is just a large fan that will move a lot of air to keep the barn cool.
  • Do I have to rent tables and chairs?
    No, the barn rental includes 60″ round and/or 8′ banquet tables. White folding garden chairs are included for reception, but additional chairs for outdoor wedding services do have an additional fee. For more information, see the "Options" page.
  • Is alcohol permitted?
    Yes, however, you are required to provide Cheeseman Farm with a Certificate of Liability Insurance for “special event liability coverage." Betsy’s Barn only permits our own bartenders to serve your guests.
  • Can the barn be used after 11PM?
    No, the barn must be cleared and locked by 11PM. Access for rehearsals and to review setup plans is permitted on a scheduled bases only.
  • How large is the barn?
    The barn is a two-story bank style barn with wrap around decks and restrooms. Weddings have a minimum requirement of 130 guests. Larger groups may be accommodated — call or email for additional information: (724)-368-3233 or
  • Is there a dance floor in the barn?
    Yes, there is a 20′ x 40′ hardwood dance floor.
  • Can I do my own decorating?
    Yes, but with a few restrictions: Management must approve all items NO staples, nails, tacks or strong tape can be used – just twine is recommended All decorations must be taken down prior to 11PM Artificial flower petals are NOT permitted Artificial bouquets and centerpieces ARE permitted No rice, confetti, or birdseed should be thrown – bubbles are recommended No outside decorators without permission from owners
  • Is there a caterer at the barn?
    Yes, full-service catering is included in our wedding and event packages. Outside food catering is not permitted. For more information, see our “Catering” page.
  • Can I bring a flashlight, cellphone, or camera?
    We know you are going to bring your cell phone; However, we ask that they are turned off while in the attractions. Also, we can’t stop to look for lost phones, keys or other items during the event — if we do find anything it will be sent to the merchandise area in the upstairs of the barn. No flashlights, please — it ruins the effect for the rest of our guests. We do sell glowsticks in both the concessions and merchandise areas within the barn — these can be worn. No photography or videography is allowed within the attractions — Our ghosts are a little camera shy.
  • Can we be asked to leave without a refund?
    YES — we do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons, alcohol, or anything that could impact the safety or enjoyment of our guests. Like all businesses we have rules that must be adhered to for your own safety. If the rules are violated, you will be asked to leave without a refund. For more information see our Rules Page.
  • Will the actors touch us?
    Not intentionally. They are instructed to not touch or pull at our guests. We expect our guests to follow this rule as well.
  • Do you have security?
    We have fully trained security and EMT staff throughout the farm, although they are seldom if ever needed. You may see them, you may not, but they ARE there. Please follow our rules, respect our actors, and respect our guests.
  • Can we wear costumes?
    We know it’s Halloween and costumes can be fun. However, we do not allow masks or full body camouflage — NO EXCEPTIONS. If you would like to be part of our attraction, please see the Employment Page.
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    We are a family-owned business and provide family entertainment for all ages. Therefore, we do not allow any alcohol/drugs on the farm. Any person caught with illegal substances or alcohol will be required to leave the property. This rule applies to our parking lot as well. Interfering with our parking staff and other customers is strictly prohibited.
  • Are the attractions handicap accessible?
    The attraction is physically demanding — anyone who is claustrophobic, has heart or respiratory problems, is prone to seizures, is pregnant, or requires assistance in walking either with a cane, crutches or other devices should not participate.
  • Is there an age limit?
    We have had guests ranging in age from 6 to 70+ — it really depends on the individual. Guests will experience intense audio and visual effects including strobe lights, fog, extreme low visibility, uneven walking surfaces, damp and wet conditions, loud music and sound. Our only age requirement is that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Are you open in bad weather?
    It depends — a large part of our experience is outdoors, and light rain or snow enhances the effect. If the weather is severe and it presents a danger to our guests, we will halt the attraction until the weather passes. If you are unsure — call (724) 368-323. We post closure updates on our Facebook page as well!
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